Sub-Zero Repair Pasadena

Sub-Zero Repair Pasadena

Sub-Zero Repair Pasadena

Comfort became essential in our daily chaotic life. When we come back home, we need to feel ourselves like in shelter and be surrounded by all of the necessary commodities. That is why kitchen appliances took a very important position in our day-to-day schedule.

Everyone has its own ways to relax and let out the steam. Most of the time, people like to drink a glass of the refreshing wine after the hard working day, or fill the cup with iced lemonade. And that’s when you need the convenient and fast reacting kitchen appliances.

According to the latest survey, most of the American customers rely on the Sub-Zero appliances. They really appreciate its high quality together with the cutting edge technologies and design. People love to have an option, and Sub-Zero offers the appliances in different shapes, models and features.

Sub-Zero Company has been producing the kitchen appliances since the year 1943, and they have always paid attention to the best quality, consumers’ really deserve.

Hence, if you are looking for the new kitchen appliances, Sub-Zero offers you…

  • Sub-zero built-in/integrated/under counter refrigerators.
  • Sub-Zero Wine Storages.
  • Sub-Zero Ice Makers.
  • Sub-Zero Refrigerator Drawers.
  • Sub-Zero Freezers.

All of the above mentioned appliances will perfectly fit into your kitchen design and underline your exceptional taste. The price of these appliances may be a bit higher in comparison with the regular models, but it really worth every single penny you invest.

This time we are going to discuss the proud of the Sub-Zero company – wine storage and ice maker.  These two devices can turn the summer time into continuous fun and prevent you from the heat.

Let’s see the main features of the Sub-Zero Wine Storage:

  • Custom front panels and hardware features that allow infinite design options.
  • Dual installation with integrated unit.
  • Storing and serving temperature for all wine types.
  • Humidity and UV protection
  • Temperature range from 48-65 degrees.
  • Discreet and convenient interior lighting
  • Ability to accommodate 750 ml bottles
  • Comfortable roller-glide shelves with natural cherry wood facing

Not to mention its stainless steel front panel and tubular with UV approved door lock. This could be your dream wine cooler that meets all of your requirements. Before you decide to buy it, think of its main purpose. For instance, if you are planning to keep it at home, than there is no need to pay extra money for the design, but if you are putting it in front of your visitors’ eyes, then get the best one.

Another useful and irreplaceable kitchen item we are going to discuss is the Sub-Zero Ice Maker.

In order to vanish your doubts about it let’s see the main features:

  • High volume and great for entertaining.
  • Approved use up to 45 C degrees.
  • Produces up to 23 kg of ice per day.
  • Advanced water filtration system.
  • Produces ice in air temperature up to 40 C degrees.
  • Easy to access control panel.
  • Filter indicators for clean and change.
  • Automatic defrost.

It has all you need for the indoor and outdoor fun, and it will make enough ice amounts to keep cool all of your guests.

Possible problems with the Sub-Zero Wine Storage and the Sub-Zero Ice Maker

Usually, consumers report the high quality of the subzero appliances, but they may still break down. Let’s see the typical ice maker and wine storage issues, and ways to fix them.

Sub-zero Wine Storage

The service light is on. You need to verify that your condenser is clean or turn the unit off and back again.

No lights are on. Clarify whether the power is on, and check whether the unit is getting electrical power that comes from the circuit breaker.

The unit is expelling a high temperature. Check whether the condenser is clean, the door is properly closed.

Sub-Zero Ice Maker

The ice maker does not operate normally. Check on the cord, whether it is plugged in or not. Pay attention on the circuit breaker that needs to be reset when necessary.

The ice cubes are too large. You will need to decrease the cube size, by opening the door and turn the cube size control down.

The ice cubes are too small. Adjust the size control knob and check the water supply and water inlet valve to make sure there is enough water in the unit and filter is not obstructed.

Ice does not accumulate in the bin. Check the airflow, by opening the door, removing the control box cover and examining the fan to make sure it is running well.

Sub-Zero Repair Pasadena – Wine Storage and Ice Maker Repair

Subzero consumers know that they can be calm about the appliance service as it can be easily found all over the US country. Hence, if you are looking for the Sub-Zero repair in Pasadena as well as Wine Storage or Sub-Zero Ice Maker repair in Pasadena, you are on the right way.

When it comes to the appliance repair, you need to find the best repairmen who will not only fix the problem, but prolong your appliance life. The subzero certified professionals are specially trained by the appliance repair professionals and have years of excellent results in the repair sphere.

It is a very sad fact, but people always try to fix the appliance problems alone, because they think to save up on their budget. Yes, you can consult the manual guide that you have obtained during the purchase, or search your appliance problem in the internet. Or you may probably have heard of some great repair guy, who is not certified in the subzero appliance repair, but has a low price! The experience shows, that you never save money on that, because only certified professional is able to work with subzero appliances.

Our subzero technicians are at your disposition 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Therefore, if you have the minor case you can get the FREE consultation over the phone, and when the problem is serious- book an appointment.

Our subzero technicians always arrive in time and never leave the mess after the job is done.  Your appliance deserves to be treated in the right way. Call now Sub-Zero repair Pasadena 323-443-1653