Wolf Microwave Repair



In this article we are going to discuss Wolf Brand, and more detailed Wolf Microwave that has become very useful kitchen assistant to help us in every day chaotic life.

Before we skip to the Wolf Microwave, let’s have more detailed look at Wolf Brand and its story. Wolf was an independent brand, specializing at rangetops and ovens. However, after the year 2000 the famous Sub-Zero Company has acquired Wolf Brand to join their forces together and produce the best kitchen appliances in the USA. Thanks to their trying, Wolf brand has become extremely popular among the American customers, and become famous not only in the USA, but beyond its borders. Now, customers may opt from various kitchen appliances that will not only be effective, but look good in the kitchen.

This time, we are going to have more detailed look at Wolf Microwave that makes our days easier and help to cook the food healthy and fast. Choosing the right microwave is quite important because the quality of the microwave will reflect the food quality as well.

What’s so special about Wolf microwave?

It has all the necessary features, and to prove that, let’s have a look at one of the typical Wolf models:

  • Classic stainless steel finish.
  • Trim style matches Wolf unframed E Series ovens.
  • Can be installed in a standard or flush inset application.
  • Interior easily accommodates a 9″ x 13″ pan.
  • Easy-to-operate control panel has 11 programmable power levels.
  • Sensor cooking to monitor and adjust settings.
  • Micro warm allows you to keep food warm up to 30 minutes.
  • Window in drawer allows you to view food as it cooks.
  • One-touch pads to open and close the drawer.
  • Control panel can be deactivated or locked.

This is only one of the Wolf Microwaves to choose from, so there is always an option that will fit perfectly in your kitchen.

Wolf Microwave troubleshooting

A number of problems may occur with a microwave, and signal its failure. Despite the great quality of Wolf appliances, they may break down or get damaged too. Hence, let’s troubleshoot some of the most typical microwave issues together:

  • If microwave does not heat the food or getting slightly heated, it is the screaming sign of something is wrong. It could be a failing magnetron, which is a tube in the nucleus of the microwave high-voltage system.
  • If microwave is making strange buzzing sounds, it may have power diodes issues.
  • If microwave shakes and vibrates, or there are flashes of light, unplug it and immediately call on 323-443-1653 for the Wolf Microwave Repair.
  • If there is a smell around the microwave and it does not come from food items, the microwave may have some electrical problems.

If you have any of these problems than do not try to troubleshoot the microwave parts alone and call for Wolf Repair specialists, who know how to handle any type of the microwave problem. Don’t risk your health, in order to save up the money on your budget, and call Wolf microwave repair as soon as you have appliance troubles.

How to clean and maintain Wolf Microwave?

Since we are using the microwave on a daily basis, it is crucial to keep it clean. The proper maintenance will not only make it look nice, but will prolong its technical life. Hence, in order to clean Wolf Microwave, follow these useful tips:

  • Clean the microwave’s exterior with mild soap and water. Rinse it off and dry with a soft cloth.
  • Wipe the microwave window on both sides with a soft damp cloth and remove the spills.
  • Keep the metal parts clean by means of frequent cleaning with a soft cloth.
  • Clean out the soiled control panel with a dampened cloth, and avoid scrubbing and using chemical cleaners.
  • To clean the stainless steel trim, apply the cleaner over the soft cloth and carefully wipe over the trim, rather than directly on it.
  • The interior cleaning is also easy, and you will only need to wipe it down with a soft cloth and warm water. If there is a heavy soil, apply baking soda or mild soap, and rinse it off with hot water.


During the cleaning, avoid using the abrasive and chemical cleaner that may damage the microwave.

When using the microwave, avoid metal pans, dishes with metallic trims, non-heat-resistant glass, recycled paper products and brown paper bags, food storage bags etc. Always check on the food during the cooking, and stir it when necessary in order to save up on the time and electricity bills. Various food products require various attitudes, so keep up with microwave manual guide that uncovers the cooking time of your favorite dishes.

Wolf Microwave Repair

Unfortunately, not all of us follow the important maintenance rules and as the result our microwave get damaged or even broken. Nevertheless, there is no need to let the hands down, because Wolf repair centers could be found throughout the US country.

Wolf repair specialists have many years of repair experience and as many happy customers that have appreciated their service. Wolf technicians always work for 100% result because they DO care! All of our technicians are certified, insured and licensed that nowadays means a lot to provide the customer with a proper repair.

For your comfort and convenience, Wolf microwave repair professionals are available 7 days a week from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. Thus, should you have any type of Wolf appliance problem, contact our professionals to get a free phone consultation. If there is a place for a serious appliance issue, book an appointment with a technician and he will arrive in time.

Also, the technicians will bring the needed tools and spare parts to get the repair done fast and obtain the positive result. He will explain the reason of the breakage and give you some tips on how to prevent the microwave problems in the future.

Don’t put you appliance under the risk, and contact Wolf repair specialists today!