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Sub-Zero repair Palos Verdes

Sub-Zero repair Palos Verdes

sub-zero repair palos verdes

sub-zero repair palos verdes

In this article we are going to discuss one of the most famous kitchen appliance brands throughout the US country, which is the Sub-Zero Company.

There is no wander why this company is popular among the American consumers, because its story goes back to the year 1943 when a man named as Westye F. Bakke has decided to create his first freezer that was able to stand alone. Just imagine that this person has started off with kitchen appliance business in his own garage. Back in that times he probably could not even think that he will eventually build the big kitchen appliance company. In 1950 the Sub-Zero company has produced its first built-in refrigerator to provide its customers with the best quality and convenience. All of the consequent Sub-Zero refrigerators became very popular among the Americans because they were always aimed at the longevity and durability.

Sub-Zero refrigerators can not only boast with the best quality and multiple features, but also with a great looking design that will always fit into your kitchen interior. No matter what subzero refrigerator model you choose, because it will always underline your taste and will keep your food items fresh, retaining the maximum vitamins. Sub-Zero refrigerators are equipped with…

  • Dual refrigeration compartments
  • Spill-proof glass shelves
  • Multiple compressors
  • Evaporators to keep the food fresh and the annoying odors out
  • Digitized readouts
  • Various temperature controls

Nevertheless, even the subzero refrigerators may have some troubles and it is important to know how to troubleshoot them. Before you call the subzero refrigerator repair, take a look at the most typical problems you may face with…

  • If the subzero refrigerator does not turn on, check on the power outlet.
  • If the unit does not turn on, it may go through the defrost cycle and you need to wait half an hour.
  • To keep the subzero refrigerator safe and sound, clean the condenser area behind the grille by means of the vacuum cleaner. Try to repeat this process every six months.
  • The refrigerator malfunctioning maybe caused by the damaged fuses that need to be replaced.
  • If the subzero refrigerator runs excessively, pay attention at the way you close the refrigerator’s door, especially on hot days.
  • If the refrigerator temperature is too hot or too cold you can press the Warmer or Colder button on the interior panel and adjust the proper temperature.
  • There could also be some issues if you put a new warm food inside or there is a high humidity outside.
  • If there is an ice maker issues, you need to turn it on and connect the water supply tube at the back of the unit if it has come loose.
  • If you have noticed that the ice is discolored or has the strange taste, you need to replace the water filter cartridge. To do that, you need to pull out the grille at the top of the unit and tilt the grille frame toward you. Next, reach into the water filter, turn the filter counterclockwise and twist it until it comes loose. Then place the new cartridge in the filter and turn it one quarter turn clockwise.

These are the main subzero refrigerator troubles that could be done without the need of the professional assistance. However, if you feel like you can’t handle it alone, don’t hesitate and dial 323-443-1653 to obtain the best subzero refrigerator repair in Palos Verdes. Our professionals can easily handle any type of the subzero refrigerator problems, even the most complex ones.

Our professionals also recommend cleaning a condenser coil on a Sub-Zero refrigerator if you expect its longevity and durability for many years. A dirty condenser coil can make the refrigerator run warmer and for longer time, that can eventually lead to higher energy bills. That’s why our professionals recommend vacuuming the condenser coil at least every three months.

To do that you need to…

  • Turn off the refrigerator power at the control panel.
  • Open the subzero refrigerator door and locate the grille at the bottom of the unit.
  • Lift the grille to access the condenser coil and vacuum the condenser coil, following the fins direction.
  • After the job is done, replace the grille and cover the condenser coil.

Don’t forget about the general cleaning of the subzero refrigerator on the regular basis. It is important to clean the refrigerator not only for the esthetical reasons but thus prevent the possible breakages in the future. Try to keep it in order when you place the food, and clean out the spills once you notice them. As to the refrigerator surfaces, that are mostly made of stainless steel, they could be cleaned by means of the soft rag, non-abrasive cleaner and a bit of olive oil to retain the refrigerator shining surface.

Subzero repair in Palos Verdes

As we have already mentioned, generally customers report the high quality and longevity of the subzero refrigerators, but they may face troubles as well from time to time. However, now you know that once you have the Subzero refrigerator problems, you can dial 323-443-1653 and obtain the best subzero repair  Palos Verdes.

All of our technicians are trained, licensed, insured and certified to provide all of the customers with the top-notch repair service. For your comfort, our professionals are available 7 days a week from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. so the only thing that you have to do is to schedule an appointment for the most comfortable time.

Our technician will always arrive in time and bring all of the necessary tools and parts. Don’t worry about the price, because our subzero repair center has logical and down to earth rates that will positively surprise you.

Why wasting time in search for something better, when you already have the technicians with the years of subzero repair experience at your disposition. Don’t waste a minute of your time and call now to forget about the refrigerator problem!

Sub-Zero Repair Service FAQ

- How much should I pay for service call ?

Service call fee is $50. Our technician will examine your Sub-Zero and diagnose the issues, then will give an estimate to repair the problem.

Service Call Is free with any repair!

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