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Wolf Repair Santa Monica

Wolf Repair Santa Monica

wolf repair santa monica

wolf repair santa monica

In this article we are going to discuss Wolf brand that was once independent, but in the year 2000 acquired by the Sub-Zero Company. In any case it was a huge step forward and beneficial for both parties. Now, these brands produce various kitchen appliances that have one common thing – great quality.

Wolf Brand offers:

  • Wolf Ovens
  • Wolf Ranges
  • Wolf Cooktops and rangetops
  • Wolf Microwaves
  • Wolf Island Hoods

Customers have already proved an exceptional quality of all these appliances and their easy usage. It is very important to have an easy control over the appliance and really enjoy the cooking moment together with family and friends. Another reason to choose a high-quality appliance is the food taste that it provides with. For instance, Wolf ovens give an opportunity to cook fish and your favorite desert at the same time, avoiding the mixture of flavors. The price of Wolf appliances may be higher in comparison with other brands, but it really worth every single penny you invest.

This time, we are going to discuss more precisely Wolf Cooktop that is the number appliance in every house. Wolf cooktops and stoves are professional-style ranges used in both restaurants and homes.

So let’s see what the Wolf cooktop is and what’s so special about it. To have more detailed look, let’s see one of the Wolf cooktops features:

  • Easy-to-clean black ceramic glass surface is resistant to scratching, staining, impact and heat.
  • Induction elements heat cookware, not the glass, for a cooler, safer cooking surface.
  • Four high-efficiency induction elements deliver power and control.
  • True Simmer setting on two elements.
  • Melt setting on two elements.
  • Cookware sensing.
  • Elements will not be energized without an induction-compatible pan on the cooktop surface.
  • Hi-Power mode boosts power on 1,800 Watts elements by diverting power from adjacent element.
  • Temperature limiter to ensure that safe operating temperature of ceramic glass is never exceeded.
  • Illuminated touch controls with graduated control lighting and adjustable sound frequency and volume.
  • Hot-surface indicator light in control panel.
  • Lock mode.
  • Cooktop will be locked so that no elements can be turned on.
  • Universal OFF turns all elements off.

Despite the outstanding features, there might be a need to troubleshoot the Wolf cooktop.  Not all of the appliance troubles require the professional assistance and some things could be done by the owner himself.

  • If the cooktop won’t operate, hold the key symbol for several seconds to unlock it.
  • If the cooktop is not operating properly, make sure it is properly plugged into the electrical circuit.
  • If the food is not cooking like it should be, change the cookware.
  • If the cooktop shuts itself down while operating, let it cool down, and it will turn back on again when the temperature is at safe level.

But if you have electrical cooktop problems, don’t hesitate and dial 323-443-1653 for the Wolf repair in Santa Monica. Saving up money on the repair in such case could put your life under the risk. If there are small appliance issues, you can always call our specialists and they will gladly assist you in any type of Wolf issue for free. But when there is a serious problem, it is recommended scheduling an appointment with a technician. For your comfort, Wolf Repair service in Santa Monica is available 7 days a week from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. so you only need to choose the confortable time and the technician will arrive in a timely manner.
How should I keep the Wolf cooktop clean?

Wolf Brand has two cooktop types, which are gas and electric cooktops, and their cleaning differs from each other. The lucky owners of electric cooktops are provided with a non-abrasive cooktop cleanser during the purchase.

Therefore, to clean an electric cooktop you need to…

  • Lock the cooktop by holding key symbol for several seconds.
  • Apply a small amount of a nonabrasive cleaner over the cooktop and rub it into the surface with a clean cloth. Then rub off the residue with another clean cloth.
  • Wipe down the cooktop with a dry cloth.

Regarding the gas cooktops you will need to…

  • Mix up 4 cups of hot water with a mild detergent, and moisten a sponge with soapy water.
  • Wipe all of the cooktop areas with the moistened sponge until they are clean, and wipe them off with a dry cloth.

It is important to remember that you should always wait until the cooktop cools down completely. These are the main things to be done in order to keep the cooktop shiny and prolong its technical durability. Cleaning and maintenance is crucial for all of the Wolf appliances without an exception.

Wolf Repair Service in Santa Monica

Kitchen appliances are definitely crucial in our daily lives and when something goes wrong, we feel a bit sad because we imagine the whole bunch of troubles with repair. That’s when Wolf Repair Santa Monica comes into the game.

Our technicians are all certified, licensed and insured in order to provide the customers with a 100% result and avoid the repetitive break downs. Also, our technicians are trained with Wolf professionals in order to cope with any type of the appliance issue, even the most complicated one.

Once you have scheduled an appointment with technician, he will arrive in time and bring all of the necessary tools and spare parts. Before the technician begins his job, he will make the price estimation and if you both agree, he will continue the job.

During the repair process the technician will explain the reason of the breakage and ways to prevent the unnecessary troubles in the future. After the job is done, the technician will clean out the mess and leave you happy with a fixed appliance.

It is important to understand that every time you postpone the repair, the situation may worsen. So call now and get the best Wolf repair  Santa Monica!

Sub-Zero Repair Service FAQ

- How much should I pay for service call ?

Service call fee is $50. Our technician will examine your Sub-Zero and diagnose the issues, then will give an estimate to repair the problem.

Service Call Is free with any repair!

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